Practice Areas


Personal Injury

Cottrell Law Firm has handled hundreds of personal injury claims and has received many large settlements for our clients.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, please contact our firm for a free consultation.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

William Cottrell has mediated or arbitrated hundreds of cases and is a qualified neutral under Rule 114.  He can help you come to a quick and successful conclusion of your dispute, keeping legal cost at a minimum.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Cottrell Law Firm has drafted many simple buy/sell agreements for small businesses that cannot afford expensive attorney’s fees, but need simple agreements when buying or selling a company.

Construction and Business Lawyers Minnesota

Cottrell Law Firm has represented countless businesses with the legal and financial problems they have faced.  William Cottrell has over 25 years of experience in commercial litigation, business consulting, buy-sell agreements, dissolution or winding down of a business.  On a daily basis he advises businesses in most areas of law, including litigation, finance and corporate...

Consumer and Commercial Debt

Cottrell Law Firm has engaged in consumer debt collection from its very start. Consumer debt collection is a highly specialized field of practice with its own unique laws, rules, and terminology. Many people without any legal education may understand what a Plaintiff and Defendant are in a lawsuit, but few people know, or have heard...

Consumer Protection and Deceptive Trade Practices Violations

Cottrell Law Firm pursues businesses who deceive and defraud consumers by false advertising and misrepresentations of their products.  If you know of a business or consumer who has been deceived by false advertising, please contact us.

Litigation (Criminal and Civil) Lawyers Minnesota

Not all lawyers are litigators, they do not have the court room experience that is necessary to perform well and win in court.  William Cottrell has over 25 years of experience and has handled hundreds of court/and/or jury trials both in Federal and State court.  He has also successfully handled several cases before the Minnesota...

Professional Malpractice

Cottrell Law Firm has successfully represented clients in bringing claims against professionals who were negligent in their professional efforts.  Cottrell Law Firm has also defended professionals against whom claims were brought.  These are often difficult cases because they are well defended by insurance companies.  The insurance companies can thwart reasonable settlement efforts by spending large...

Real Estate Law

CLF can review and draft lease agreements, and assist clients in disputes involving most areas of real estate law (commercial or residential).  Whether you are a home owner, building owner or builder, Cottrell Law Firm has the skills and experience to represent you with your real estate legal issues.

Sexual Harassment and Abuse

Cottrell Law Firm has represented numerous victims of sexual harassment, physical, and sexual abuse (including victims of clergy abuse).  CLF is extremely sensitive to the specific needs of each client and has satisfactorily resolved every dispute of this nature that we have handled.

Wills, Estate Planning and Probate

Cottrell Law Firm has drafted hundreds of Wills, Powers Of Attorney and Living Wills, along with handling many Probate matters.  We do this efficiently and very cost effectively. Protect your family by drafting the documents needed to protect your estate.